Take Back Control of

Your Time and Energy

and start living the confident, joyful, and full life you love.

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When Who You Learned to Be &

Who You Want to Be Don’t Align Anymore

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Feeling Guilty for Saying “No”

You are quick to say “yes” and put others before yourself. It’s easier to make excuses to get out of a commitment.

Not Feeling “Enough”

You feel inadequate around others for your parenting, life or career choices. Hypercriticism of yourself.

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Comparing Yourself to Others

As a woman you feel constantly judged by how you look, your parenting your career. You see others and wonder how they do It. Social media plays Into this.

People Pleasing

Your sense of self worth depends on how others see you. You apologize for things that aren’t your fault.You often take responsibility for other people’s emotions.

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Always “going” until you crash

There is always something to be done.

Staying busy is how you earn your self worth or is an avoidance technique.

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It’s Time to Create a New Way to Thrive

Together, we will explore realistic and effective ways to identify these destructive mindsets that rob you of living life to the fullest. These behaviors are typically learned behaviors that, with effort and action, can be unlearned.

Rather than equating achievements with self-worth, let’s create a stronger sense of self and confidence by Improving self-compassion and positive self-talk.

Find flexible balance in your life and prioritize what’s really important and uncover new perspectives and Insights about yourself .

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Hi. I’m Michelle McIlvoy

I am a Professional Lifestyle Strategist helping overwhelmed moms who want to get better at saying “no” to others so they can take back control of their own time and energy and live life fully with more inner peace, improved confidence, and self-compassion.

As a retired military wife and mom of 5 grown kids, I know how exhausting it can feel to constantly put everyone else first because of that unending feeling of “they need me”. As my kids got bigger, I thought I would get more time back, only to find it got even harder to manage my own energy, all while trying to appear that I always had things under control.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping overwhelmed and overworked women rewrite the script of what it looks like to be a thriving mom. If you’re ready to let go of the constant people pleasing and guilt that gets tied to the mom-role and start creating a new lifestyle that allows you to feel confident, present and thrive in knowing you are enough, I can’t wait to connect.

What Others Have Said About Working With Me


“Michelle poses questions to me to help me dig deeper and does a great job In bringing It full circle.”

- MA

“Thank you, Michelle. I love our weekly calls. The progress we’ve made In the past few months Is really making a difference In my life.”

- CB

“Coaching allowed me to realize that I had the answers I needed all along. The sessions just helped me get out of my own way and see what was really Important.”

- KN

How it Works

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Evaluate: What’s really going on In your life?


Prioritize: What resonates with you the most as a starting point?


Tap Into your WHY: Discovering your why provides an emotional context for your decisions. Not only will It feel right, It will drive your Inner motivation.


Strategize and take action: “ A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Get Started In Finding Your Inner Peace & Confidence Together

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